About us

TNT-21 “Health from the East” has existed for more than 25 years on the Bulgarian market.
The company’s portfolio includes certified nutritional supplements from leading manufacturers in the East – China, India, Sri Lanka and others.

Main foreign partners:

Harbin Yeekong Herb

A large Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer based in the Harbin Medical Industrial Zone; GMP certificate holder. The plant exports its products to the United States, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and others. Manufacturer of products such as ginseng, tonic teas and more.

Sunever Biology

Chinese plant-based medicinal plant, established more than 20 years ago, manufacturer of Health from the East line.

The VASU Pharma concern

Indian company, a leading manufacturer of products with patented Ayurvedic formulas, with offices worldwide. It is certified and ISO 9001 I GMP. Manufacturer of product lines such as Safe Herbs, Trichup series, Ural and others.


A Sri Lankan company that has kept the Ayurvedic tradition for more than 200 years. Manufacturer of product lines such as Supiriviki, Visaka series, Ayurvedic balm and tea.

The products we offer are created on the basis of:

Eastern medicinal plants

Recipes used for centuries in Eastern medicine

Direct import

They have company certificates for good manufacturing practice (GMP)

Company goals:

Offering proven, quality food supplements and cosmetics at affordable prices.

Excellent relationships with clients based on honesty and understanding.

Our aspiration is to transfer the Eastern wisdom in the science of human health to the modern Bulgarian.

To offer gentle and at the same time effective means for restoration and maintenance of health.

To establish the brand “Health from the East” as a symbol of quality and environmentally friendly food supplements.

Our company credo: Nature is the greatest healer!