Life is beautiful – Spiritual talk with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

life is Beautiful
Spiritual Conversation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How can we feel eternity? This is possible only through love. It’s the only thing we can’t think of. If we think about it, it ceases to be love. When thinking stops, love begins. Lovers talk nonsense, they repeat the same things over and over again thousands of times. They don’t think. Their minds are beyond reason. Whoever we fall in love with, we actually fall in love with ourselves. The truth is that we do not realize it because we are caught by the name and the form, even though there is no such thing as love. Names and forms can ignite love in us, but then it will take us beyond name and form to true nature, which is pure energy. Surrendering and loving are synonymous. Whoever we love, we give ourselves to. Love is not just “making” but “a state of existence” when the mind is free from doubts and problems. The word “surrender” is frightening because we have heard it in a certain context – when the army loses, it surrenders; defeat means transmission. However, this is not obedience or obedience. Only the brave, the knowledgeable and the wise can surrender. Surrender means realizing that everything belongs to the Divine. “I” is not under control – this is a show. Your mind understands that it is out of control; the whole universe is moving in its own way and it doesn’t matter if you exist on this planet or not, things are happening again. In the same way, one realizes that life exists and that it is part of the common ocean of consciousness. The heart beats on its own, the breath moves on its own, sleep comes and one feels good or bad. With this knowledge comes deep relaxation, a sense of trust, to be at home – this is a show. Obstacles to love Only through love can one experience eternity without the obstacle of lust and addiction. Love is rapprochement, merging and dissolving. But the only way we know emotion in our lives is love – it enters the present moment. Mankind has constantly struggled with lust, and man has realized through personal experience that it leads nowhere – it just brings inertia, more satisfaction, and love remains in the background. The more one fights lust, the less one is able to overcome it. Negative emotions excite the mind more than positive ones (if you are angry or quarreling with someone, it takes up your mind more than someone you value, respect, and respect). Lust includes all desires. When a desire arises, you worship it, acknowledge it, and offer it to the Divine. The desire that arises in you is Shakti (energy). Knowledge or wisdom is also energy. Divine knowledge, the power to act, to perform, is energy. When you have desire and knowledge, but you cannot act (Kriya), it means that you do not have Kriya Shakti. When you can recognize these desires that appear in you and respect them, you will be unloaded from them in the most natural way. How hard it is to fall into bliss! There are many obstacles to getting it. So many things stand in your way – even at the door. You think it’s in your hands, but it’s gone. You are thirsty and take water in your hands, but imperceptibly it has flowed through your fingers. Life is so weird! So how can we be blessed? Give priority to yourself, to self-knowledge. Some people are very nice on the outside, but they are rude on the inside. And others are rough on the surface, but are nice on the inside. Someone can be very kind and say, “Hello, how are you?” But inside, be it stiff, arrogant or arrogant. The divine, unlike the human, is not interested in our behavior, but in our soul. If you are like a flower inside, in time you will bloom and on the surface you will become tender. But in general, it is preferable to be firm on the outside and gentle on the inside, not the other way around, for your own good. A sign of prosperity If you think that no one loves you, know for sure that you are wrong. The earth loves you, that’s why it keeps you upright. The love of the earth is its gravitational force. The air loves you. That is why it flows through your nose, even when you sleep, it moves through your lungs. The divine loves you very much, deeply. Knowing this, you will relax. With peace of mind, talents just come. Intuition comes, beauty comes and peace comes. Love flashes. What else? Then comes prosperity! Bliss and prosperity! What is the sign of success? Who is thriving? The general opinion is that whoever has the freedom to go where he wants and when he wants is a prosperous person. Take the case of a rich businessman. Do you think he is free to go wherever and whenever he wants? He has a million dollars in the bank, but his business has tied him like a rope around his neck. Even if he goes somewhere, his cell phone will keep ringing. He can’t even have breakfast in peace. Do you think he is prosperous? Just be!