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Cordyceps is an exceptional adaptogen that increases energy levels and boosts immunity.
● The "golden herb" of Tibet is an exceptional adaptogen that increases energy levels
body, increases immunity, improves lung function and lung capacity.
The golden plant of Chinese traditional medicine has been used in China since the time of
the Qing Dynasty.
Cordyceps became popular in the world after the high achievements of Chinese athletes
in 1993 They took Cordyceps during heavy training at high altitudes
height. Cordyceps is a unique fungus that grows on an insect larva. In winter
the larva infected with the fungus buries itself in the ground, and in the summer from the respiratory tract of
the hardened insect grows into a grass-like fungus. Hence the name Cordyceps
- grass-insect. Cordyceps grows in the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 3000-6000
meters, where temperatures are low and oxygen is very dilute.
Cordyceps contains cordicipin or deoxyadenosine and cordiciginic acid.
It helps to better absorb oxygen and make it easier for the body to cope with
hypoxia and acidosis. Cordyceps also contains proteins, amino acids, unsaturated
fatty acids and trace elements.

(500 mg capsule): Cordyceps sinensis Extract P.E. 490 mg (60% polysaccharide), excipients: emulsifier - magnesium stearate - 10 mg

How to use:
2 to 3 capsules three times daily with warm water before meals

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