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In today's world, our eyes are exposed
of many harmful effects - polluted air,
radiation, ultraviolet solar radiation,
screen broadcasts, etc. The harmful effects of
these factors cause degenerative changes in
cellular structures.
● Antioxidants are those substances that can
to prevent these processes.
Such antioxidants are lutein and black
blueberry. Lutein accumulates in the eyes, not
synthesized in the body and obtained by consumption
of fruits and vegetables. Lutein accumulates in
the macula of the retina and together with zeaxanthin
form a pigment. A number of scientific studies
prove that lutein can prevent
age-related macular degeneration and increase
visual sensitivity.
● Another place where lutein accumulates is
the lens of the eye. Adverse effects as
and some diseases, such as diabetes, change
its structure, leading to the development of
the so-called "Curtains". Lutein has an exceptional place in
prevention of this age-related disease.
● Bilberry contains anthocyanins from
the group of flavonoids and vit. And which ones
support the adaptive capabilities of
the eye to light, resulting in sharpness
of vision at different levels of illumination
growing. In addition, bilberry strengthens
vessels and improves blood circulation, which
is important for the condition of the retina. All
they have a beneficial effect on the heart
the vascular system.

Ingredients (500 mg capsule): Lutein ≥10% 350 mg, bilberry 100 mg, honey. dextrin 8 mg, gelatin - gelling agent

How to use:
2 capsules daily


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