“Samahan” tea


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Сертифицирани хранителни добавки
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Hot drink at the first symptoms of a cold and
Samahan is a hot drink made from 14 Indian herbs and
spices, which the Indians call
"Sings". Samahan is the best-selling "singer" in the world
● 10 instant sachets for colds and flu
● quickly and efficiently crosses the common cold
● strengthens the immune system
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● Tea for problems with
kidneys and urinary tract.
Kidney tea is successfully applied
in kidney stones,
urinary tract infection,
kidney crises, swelling and gout.
Tea reduces the concentration of
uric acid, changes the pH of
urine, dissolves some kidneys
stones and contributes to their
separation. Kidney tea has a pronounced
anti-inflammatory action and is
suitable for urinary tract infections.
● Polpala is one year old
plant 60-75 cm tall, often
tree-like at the base, with green
upright stems. The plant blooms
all year. Its colors
are greenish-white, very small,
and its seeds are black in color.
This plant is common in
Sri Lanka, Malaya, Java, Sumatra
and in tropical Africa. Half fell
contains a certain amount
tannin-sitosteryl palmitate, amirin
and sitosterol. The plant has
diuretic and relieving effect
and is used for lithiasis (stone

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10 sachets


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