Seabuckthorn Oil

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Сертифицирани хранителни добавки
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Sea buckthorn oil is a rich source of Vitamin C, A, E, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals.Vitamin A is
owes both the regenerating property and the accelerated one
epithelialization of cells by burning from different
degree. Sea buckthorn oil has a positive effect
on the functions of bile, ulcers, gastritis,
colitis, on lipid metabolism in the liver. There is
powerful antioxidant effect - slows down processes
of aging, strengthens the immune system, turns out
beneficial effect in diseases of the lips
cavity and nasopharynx - for cold sores, stomatitis,

(500 mg capsule): Sea buckthorn oil 500 mg (seabuchtorn oil), Fatty acids> 60%, gelatin - gelling agent, glycerol - sweetener

How to use:
2 or 3 capsules daily after meals

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